About us

Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. is a company based in Rijeka. It was founded in 2003 to meet the increasing demands of the market and shipping companies for companies specialised in underwater inspections, underwater works and in salvage and retrieval of shipwrecks in the waters and seas worldwide.

Our mission consists of upgrading the already existing standards and setting up new ones, raising the quality of the service in line with today's technologies, while at the same time maintaining the high level of professionalism and high-quality relations with our clients and suppliers.
Over the years, the company has developed and specialised in various underwater works on ships and crafts, underwater installations, shipyards, harbours and marinas, using, when needed, the heavy diving equipment for immersions and for works at a depth of over 100 m.
Hidro inžinjering has accordingly been certified by all leading world certification registers/companies: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Det Nordske Veritas and Germanish Lloyd (DNV-GL), Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS), Lloyd Register (LR) and the Italian Lloyd (RINA). These certifications guarantee the shipping companies will save time and money, considering that most of the works, inspections and minor urgent interventions are carried out promptly in harbours, on mooring quays but also out in the open sea.
Hidro inžinjering has acquired its valuable and well renowned experience over the past 14 years. It participated in major projects in the Adriatic sea, alongside world’s renowned "off-shore" companies such as Mammoet, Mammoet Salvage, Multraship, Micoperi and others.
By approaching every assignment in a professional way, the company has acquired a good international reputation as far as underwater works are concerned, and works at full capacity at all times.
Daniel Pavlović