Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. strategically aims at constantly upgrading and improving the quality of its services and products.

It is committed to carry out its business activities in line with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
It also firmly believes that it is the responsibility of the business management to implement The Quality and Health & Safety at Work Management Policy which the employees are required to comply with.
The Quality and Health & Safety at Work Management Policy is documented, implemented, sustained and communicated to the employees. Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. enhances the feeling of belonging to the company by establishing a system of human resources values through knowledge, education and capability enhancement, resulting in better business outcomes to the satisfaction of employees.
Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. supports cooperation and teamwork at all levels. It aims at exchanging knowledge and experiences and finding best solutions. In order to constantly improve its quality and business, the core values of the company consist in setting up and assessing the objectives of The Quality and Health & Safety at Work Management Policy.
Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. commits to applying new technologies in line with new business possibilities. It also ensures that laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia requiring the protection of environment, as well as international laws embraced by the Republic of Croatia, are enforced.
Hidro inžinjering d.o.o. attributes a huge significance to safety at work, health and protection. It ensures health and safety at work of its employees through constant training, self-assessment procedures, internal training programmes, information and awareness-raising among its employees.
Rijeka, 7 November 2012